DFOTray Windows App

NOTE: The DFOTray client app has been updated for the NA server, as of v1.4 it now shows status for both US-1 and EU-1 with blue and orange backgrounds respectively. The web page display component has not been updated.

DFOTray is a utility which monitors the DFO server status web page (EU-1, US-1) and shows the status in a Windows tray icon. It also plays notification sounds on server up/down.



DFOTray Web Page Display

DFOTray can also be shown on your web page as an icon, text display, or both. The web page status display updates every 60 seconds using AJAX without requiring a page reload.

Icon Status

Text Status


To display these on your web page, add the below code to the top of your page source.

<script src="http://www.dfotray.com/serverstatus.js"></script>

Then, add one or both of the below anywhere on your page where you want to display the status indicators.

<div id="serverstatusicon"></div>

<div id="serverstatustext"></div>